Bratislava, a city on the Danube river

Bratislava is a modern European city with a number of tourist attractions. There are various kinds of accommodation in Bratislava to choose from, whether you prefer a hotel, apartment, pension or cheap accommodation in a hostel or dormitory. 

It is said that composer Johann Strauss compiled his waltz The Blue Danube in Bratislava in 1852. The Danube has always had an important position and already in the 1st century it became part of the Roman Empire protecting from the attacks of Celtic and Germanic tribes. The Danube has not lost its significance in the course of time, just on the contrary, its significance has grown. On the Danube tourists can reach Vienna from Bratislava by a speedboat or sightseeing boat in about 70 minutes. The Danube riverbank is also blooming, new restaurants overlooking the river are being opened and different modern projects are starting.

Eurovea, a modern shopping center, has grown on the Danube riverbank, offering opportunities for shopping, relaxation, restaurants as well as accommodation. Near Eurovea is the Slovak National Theatre (SND). River Park is linked to Eurovea by the Danube promenade, which is enjoyed both by joggers and cyclists.

Apart from cross country skiing circles, Bratislava offers international cycling routes. The most famous is the Danube Trail, which starts in Germany and continues to the Black Sea. On the way you can visit the paradise of water sports in Čunovo or the rafting complex Divoká Voda, where canoeing and kayak races are held on an international level. If you do not have your own bicycle, you can borrow one at Bike Point under Bridge SNP.

Another international cycling route leads to Bratislava from the direction of Devín from the Austrian Schlosshof. With the rising sunshine it is the right time to find accommodation in Bratislava to spend a pleasant weekend, either walking in the town, shopping or having a bicycle trip on one of the trails.

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