The 5 most beautiful places in Bratislava

Bratislava offers interesting places and natural beauty, which are great attractions for both foreign and domestic tourists. Let us have a look which places are worth visiting.

Bratislava has recorded a significant influx of tourists in recent years. Many visitors decide to spend the night in the capital. Bratislava is lively all around the year. Festivals, concerts, social events are organized here. You can enjoy excellent food at some of the local restaurants that take you through the world's cuisine or have a drink in one of the bars. 

And which are the places you must see in Bratislava? Here are the 5 most beautiful ones:

1. Bratislava castle

The Bratislava Castle is situated at the tip of the Little Carpathian Mountains, 85 meters above the Danube. It makes a beautiful panorama of the city and can be seen from every angle. The castle was once the seat of the Hungarian monarch and today it is a national cultural monument. There is also the SNM Historical Museum and there are cultural and social events. Part of the castle is a renovated park.

Bratislava castle

2. Železná studnička

This relaxation place in the Bratislava Forest Park was named by the ferric water that springs here. It is also a significant place for social events and a popular natural locality. There is a variety of activities such as the Koliba chairlift, boating, sports and activities for children.

železná studienka

3. Ufo

Ufo is literally an icon of Bratislava and probably the most famous building from the pictures of the capital. It is 85 meters above SNP Bridge and there is a restaurant, café and club. Take the lift so that you can see the beautiful panorama into a distance of even 100 kilometers in good weather.

ufo bratislava

4. Danube flood plane forests

This National Park stretches between Vienna and Bratislava and extends to the border with Hungary. The protected wetland territory is home to beavers and other unique animals and plants. The beautiful nature is an attraction for nature lovers, researchers and conservationists.

dunajské lužné lesy

5. Danubiana

Danubiana Meulensteen Art Museum is one of the youngest European museums of modern art.  It is situated on a peninsula, which is about 20 km from Bratislava, on the border of three neighboring countries of Slovakia, Austria and Hungary. An exceptional place where modern architecture is contrasted with the surrounding nature.

danubiana bratislava

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